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Dyno blog

Portable dynamometer (wheel dyno, road dyno) vs chassis dynamometer

Sat 09 Jul 2016

As there are various solutions and devices available at the market for performance measurement of motorized vehicles (cars, trucks, bikes, agricultural machines etc), people interested in buying dynamometer, or dynamometer alternative may be confused. Is that a good idea to spend more on regular chassis dynamometer? Is so called „road dyno” or „wheel dynamometer” (device connected to one of car wheels) a good equivalent for proffesional power and torque measurement tool?

To be a devil’s advocate, I will list advantages of portable dynamometers, („wheel dynos”):

- cheap (maybe not all, because some well marketed gadgets may be quite expensive)

- really portable. You need a roll of double sided adhesive tape and you can stick such „dyno” to car’s wheel and voila! - you can start driving

Chassis dynamometer - how does it work?

Wed 16 Dec 2015

Dynamometer (aka rolling-road, dyno or Leistungpruefstand) is a mechanical device for measuring power and torque of a car, bike, truck or even an agricultural machine. The torque produced by an engine is converted to traction force by transmission (gearbox, differential) at wheels. You may ask – where is the place for „power” then? Power is the torque of the engine multiplied by the rotation speed – so it is enough to measure traction force to be able to calculate the wheel power of a car, truck, motorbike. Of course our dynamometer must know noticeably more to show us the real power of the engine – power losses must be measured, also the dyno must know the transmission ratio (wheel speed to engine speed ratio) or directly the engine speed (for instance – from OBD port or CANBUS of the car).