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Dyno blog

Latest dynamometer software update

2023-05-08 10:09
Latest dynamometer software update
About 40% of our dynamometer users haven't updated their software to the latest version. We strongly recommend an update.
Brake control, speed and responsiveness have all been greatly improved.
It is also possible to shorten the coast phase using the absorber mode (the eddy current brake also works during deceleration).
After updating, our OBDlink reads all the important PIDs (information from the ECU's sensors) while the dyno graphs them.
You can connect to Innovate Motorsport LC-2 and LM-2 sensors via USB.
The dynamometer now also supports direct communication with the Ecumaster EMU, the Ecumaster Lambda to CAN controller, the Plex Knock Monitor, etc. (via a CAN gateway).
Data from all recorded sensors can also be transferred via CAN.

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