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Free training on dyno equipment operation

Upon delivery, we offer free training on the operation of the dynamometer. After this training, you can take full advantage of all features provided by V-tech dynos.

Dyno Service, availability of technicians

Our technicians and engineers can come for paid service, warranty service, inspection, or dyno training. Service centres are located in Great Britain, Germany and Poland, so it may take some time to come if your location is far from the nearest service centre.

Calibration of dyno

All our dynamometers are pre-calibrated, and the results from all our dynos would be equal (within 1% of tolerance). There is no need for further calibration, but verification and calibration of the eddy-current brake load cell will be done during inspections.

Replacement parts for dynamometers

All parts are available separately for all our dynos (historical models produced from 1998 and later, and for "EVO" and "TractionBoost" product line). We would ask you for the product code and number (from the identification plate) to ensure that the replacement part will fit. It also relates to rollers. If a replacement roller is ordered, it will come with the exact dimensions, weight, and inertia as the original one, so no calibration is needed. In that case, we need to know which roller (which side and position within dyno) is to be replaced, as they are not identical.

Dyno software update

Software update for our dynamometer is free as long as the dyno has a valid warranty.


All our dynamometers come with a standard 2-years warranty, which can be extended. The necessary condition for extending the warranty is a service inspection at the expense of Vtechdyno within two years after an initial installation. The user informs about the intention to perform a review.