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Dynamometer Software

A "brain" of devices produced by us is DynaVTECH, a proprietary software managing the work of the dynamometer, using TrueForce II technology, patented by us.

Thanks to DynaVTECH, you have full control over all measurement functions of the device. Apart from the classical measurements of engine power, torque and speed in inertial mode or in braked mode in all models of our chassis dynamometers, the DynaVTECH offers many additional, advanced measurement modes, such as measurement of power at constant rpm or the simulation of road conditions. Our software also gives the possibility of logging and analysing data from external sensors, probes, etc.

The main advantages of DynaVTECH are:

  • VtechDyno EVO dynamometer is modular. Software expands for free, as your dynamometer expands,
  • measurements of power and torque in both inertial and braked mode,
  • steady state mode – power measurement at user-specified rpm of the engine,
  • simulation of road condition (friction, air resistance, etc.), simulation of slopes (dynamometer with brakes only)
  • logging of information from sensors and probes during the measurement (boost pressure, AFR, temperature sensors, etc.),
  • on-screen presentation during measurement: rpm, linear speed of the vehicle, probe temperatures (e.g. oil temperature), mixture composition (AFT), boost pressure,
  • logging and visualisation of results from up to 14 analog sensors + OBD2 sensors
  • graphical and numerical presentation of results (engine power and torque, power and torque on wheels, losses, vehicle speed, results from external sensors and probes,...),
  • registration of temperature and external pressure,
  • results conversion according to the standards: DIN70020, EWG 80/1269, ISO 1585, JIS D 1001, SAE J 1349,
  • possibility of simultaneous display and analysis of up to 4 measurements,
  • precise zoom allowing an evaluation of regions of interest in the plot,
  • presentation of results in any units (kW, PS, HP, etc.)
  • export of results into formats: Excel, JPG, PNG, WMF, BMP,
  • a concise presentation of measurement results on A4 color print,
  • presentation of client address and logo on the print,
  • possibility of writing the results of tests into a program database, for further analysis,
  • wireless control of the device and fans.