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V-tech Dynamometers - Chassis Dynamometers Manufacturer

For almost 20 years Vtechdyno manufactures chassis dynamometers (rolling roads, dynos) for cars, motorcycles, trucks and tractors. There are hundreds of our dynos installed Worldwide. Now our extra-grip rollers are ready for the era of the electric vehicles. Our sales centres and showrooms with state of the art AWD dynos are in the UK, Germany and Poland.

Last Expo/Fairs

Thank you for all your visits to our stand E500 at Birmingham Autosport Expo. Especially we would like to say thanks to those, who agreed their contract while expo.

How to Choose a Good Dyno

Which dyno to buy? How to choose the right one.

Modular dynamometer (Vtech Dyno EVO) means that there is no need to buy 4wd dyno at once.

Be smart, think clever! Let your dynamometer pay off itself!

You can have a front module, without electromagnetic brakes, and buy brakes, 4wd extension and additional sensors later. Thanks to the fully modular design, everything is expandable.

The VT2/VT4 modular chassis dynamometer series have been present on the European market for more than a decade. The first rolling road was created and installed in 1999, and since the very beginning, they featured an exceptional accuracy of measurement and reliability. During the following years, we develop and improve our chassis dynos (rolling roads) have been steadily, significantly widening the product range. Today variants of our dynamometers include modular one axle dynamometer and 4wd chassis dynamometer for 4x4 vehicles. All have special knurling (Ultra-Grip) as standard from 2020. It enables measuring high torque performance Tesla Model X and Model S or 3. Multiple models, configurations and options of chassis dynamometer product line are available (primary one axle model is always in stock) for sale.

Our dynamometers are available in both inertial and braked versions. Additionally, in the 4x4 version, we use a novelty system of mechanical synchronisation of front and rear axles, which gives the possibility for measuring the most modern cars, equipped with active traction control systems. Supplementary to our full offer is dynamometers for motorcycles and quads.

We manufacture CE labelled dynos, built according to the applicable European standards.

Features distinguishing our chassis dynamometers from competitive solutions:

  • Amazing accuracy – up to 3000 real measurement points per second, relative accuracy below 0.1% (based on the proprietary technology TrueForce II). It is the highest possible performance.
  • Ready for 21-st Century - special Ultra-Grip knurled rollers are perfect for high torque electric and hybrid cars. No slipping.
  • Modularity – you can buy an inertial dyno, then later add an eddy current brake, a motorcycle unit, additional sensors. Maybe you want to measure 1000 HP monsters? You can even have four eddy current brakes - up to 2000 HP!
  • Full 1:1 mechanical synchronisation of axles in 4x4 dynos - you can measure vehicles with advanced systems of traction control and with an active central differential. And more - switch it on and off by your smartphone, or control panel.
  • The dynos have all certificates. Their installation and use are entirely compliant with the applicable regulations, and any external inspection will find everything in order.
  • They are selected by rally and racing teams, tuners and services all over Europe, from Spain to Russia, from Norway to Greece.
  • Rolling roads produced by tuners for tuners – resulting in complete ease of handling.
  • Dynos have the full support of our service and many years of warranty, plus you can have the possibility to extend the warranty time.
  • Multiple configurations and options of dynamometers available for sale.
  • The software upgrade is free if we service the dyno.

Read more in press release: V-tech dynamometers.


Rolls comparison

Many of the popular chassis dynamometers manufacturers use lightweight painted rolls or cover them with adhesive glue & sand. Such rolls got worn quickly and never (new or worn) offer reasonable friction, and they look unsightly in general.

Some others use sanding or similar processes. Better, but not ideal.

Our solution is different – we emboss unique tread (with high mechanical pressure). This tread is 3D and CAD/CAM-optimized and can be described as a kind of teeth-shaped lines embossed in the roll (see picture). Each “line” has two “tops” across the roller (instead of a standard method of milling them and thus – having only one pinnacle per line) to double the number of contacts to tire. Then, between both “tops” there are micro-cuts (at a right angle to teeth shaped line) to stop tire from flattening of the tread.

The tire cannot move while contacting the roller. Both directions - thus - less heat. Do you know any better technology?

Finally, rolls are covered with unique double-layer chromium cover to protect them from being worn. Even ten years of use will not kill their parameters and brilliant aesthetics. Your dyno will always attract the eye of customers.

Tire runs silent, with perfect friction, even with wet tires!

Beside that larger diameter and heavy rolls we produce, better replicate the flat-earth that tires are designed to run on and are generally safer.

How to choose a right dyno?

How to choose a right dyno?